A selection of Cartoon commentary.

The Chinese spy balloon was really Chairman Mao.

In the spirit of Thomas Nast’s version of Boss Tweed’s Thumb on NYC, here Boss Trump has his thumb on the party, with the exception of some outliers and presidential hopefuls.

She was so thrilled to get to Washington, she can’t remember events from early January 2021.

The Thomases, getting their story straight.

Both the U.S. District and Circuit Court of Appeals have disagreed with Trump. We’ll see what SCOTUS does before long.

The Q Shaman–we all knew him before Jan 6, right?–got what he deserved.

Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), a Trump antagonist, has announced he will not seek re-election to his House seat, but made clear that he’s not going very far away.

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The party that rejected Donald Trump in the pre-primary stages in 2015 has fallen in lockstep with his agenda and offenses for which he was impeached.

The Texas Republican party and governor have promised to threaten the Roe v. Wade decision, and the Court has come a little closer in clearing the way.